All Hallow’s Eve

When I was a kid, Halloween loomed larger and larger in front of me every year. I would plan for it further ahead and an excited knot would start forming as the day approached. I could hardly believe that I would be allowed to dress as some hideous creature, ring stranger’s doorbells and be given candy.

I have never lost that thrill of Halloween and many would say my home is tricked out in Halloween decorations all year round. As a student, I found a way to make Halloween last by studying special effects make-up, getting an acting degree and finally making my chosen profession the puppetry arts. I have been privileged to design twenty-foot high hydraulic and human operated, man-eating plants on Broadway down to tiny hummingbirds for children’s television. It is time now for me to do my dream project based on my favorite day of the year.

The Halloween Project has been forming in my mind for decades. If I watched a horror film or gothic drama with a tremendous production design, I found myself taking notes of inspiration to remember for later. I bought Grand Guignol books, even ones I couldn’t read in French. I bought albums of musical styles I thought would be appropriate for the kind of rock opera I envisioned.

At the O’Neill Theatre Center in 2013, I was privileged to be an artist-in-residence where I mounted for the first time a scene of The Halloween Project. With the talents of Paul Rudolph, Alissa Hunicutt and others, the dream began as the audience gasped at the 15 foot pumpkin man slowly lowering himself to the floor and grabbing the terrified, bleeding Eve.

It is my hope that The Halloween Project becomes a show mounted again and again at Halloween around US and the world, scaring and delighting audiences as they literally follow Eve and her brother Henry into the Witch’s lair, battling evil puppets, and ending up bloodied but redeemed.

The following pages outline the history of the show, production plans, biographies and budgets. I hope this story haunts you as it does me, and you will be interested in being a part of the dream.

Synopsis & Sample Scene
Development History
Production Plan

All Hallows Eve
All Hallows Eve
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All Hallows Eve
All Hallows Eve
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