Film Maker

When I was a kid I found my Dad’s wind-up 8mm movie camera… He showed me the basics, bought me my first roll of film, and I became the family archivist. Back then, every foot of film was precious, a roll was less than 5 minutes long, expensive and you never knew what you had till it came back from the developer. When I switched to my first video camera in the 80’s, I was drunk with the possibilities: six hours on one cassette (on long play), instant playback…which of course resulted in hour after hour of desperately boring footage. When we started the Sesame Street blog, and I had to produce a film a week, I finally learned the process of self editing: ruthlessly cutting all that darling imagery, to get to the essence of a story in the proper pace.

Following are a few films from that time…though I have edited them all once more.
…the learning process continues.

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