Performing; now that is fun…but a lot of technique, years of training. Your proficiency in any given puppetry form has to be so ingrained that you don’t really need to think about it anymore… So that you are considering the character, the relationships, the emotional story arc as you perform, not lip-synch, focus or positioning. I like the piano analogy: a musician who is thinking 88 keys will not be a true conduit for the music…so, master the technique, then forget it: let the artistry flow through you.

My favorite types of projects are the ones I design, build and perform myself. Like many puppeteers, I like to do it all: a bit of an egomaniac that way.

With regards to Sesame, I just love, literally crawling into Snuffleupagus’ skin, strapping on the backpack, and inhabiting that sweet character. Telly Monster is an opportunity to air out all my insecurity and pain in a useful manner…. When kids tell Telly to relax, I know I have done my job. Slimey the Worm is such an enigmatic little guy: all that eloquence with little or no words.

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